Your story is the future of health

Your story is the future of health

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Dear NEVILLE, When it comes to the wonky details of healthcare funding, it’s …
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Date: Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 9:02 AM
Subject: Your story is the future of health


When it comes to the wonky details of healthcare funding, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what cuts to universal healthcare and Medicare privatisation are really about – each and every one of us.

Prime Minister Turnbull’s so-called “efficiencies” will mean fewer beds and longer waiting times in our hospitals, and Australians turned away from their GPs because they can’t afford treatment.

That’s why we’re taking the fight for universal healthcare online with one of the most powerful tools in the world – storytelling. As tens of thousands of Australians rally in the streets today for a National Day of Health Action, we’ll flood social media with our individual experiences and remind our politicians why we need to protect our Medicare.

The tale of universal healthcare is about more than media headlines or numbers on a balance sheet. It’s about all of us, and we can only get that story heard by speaking together.

Click here to be a part of this mass storytelling event, and share what universal healthcare means to you.

Our nifty tool instantly transforms your stories into an image to share with the world. Imagine the lump in your throat as you see story after story, intertwined on social media, about Australians relying on our healthcare system in times of need.

In a matter of days, over 60,000 Australians have signed onto the campaign to stop the Americanisation of Medicare. Imagine all of them, sharing powerful health stories with the hundreds and thousands of people in their networks.

Together, we can prove that the public conversation about healthcare comes down to every single of us – not dollar figures and balancing budgets. Through the power of storytelling we can show Australia that –

    • Protecting bulk-billing incentives for pathology services isn’t about budget savings. It’s about making sure a single mother can get her daughter a potentially life-saving test without falling behind on bills.
    • Standing to make sure medical payments services stay out of corporate hands isn’t about “efficiency”. It’s about ensuring the decision to give a homeless man publicly funded care isn’t made by a profit-motivated company.
  • Fighting to restore cuts to hospital funding isn’t about balancing books. It’s about providing an elderly woman with a hospital bed for as long as she needs it.

The battle to protect universal healthcare starts here and now – with ordinary Australians sharing their health stories in a breathtaking act of collective, online storytelling.

Click here to share your story now.

Health is gearing up to be a major issue in the coming federal election. Together, we can make sure that protecting our universal healthcare system is centre-stage at every debate.

Thank you for stepping up for Medicare,
Ruby, Nat and Daney, for the GetUp team

PS – Need a reminder of what’s at stake?

    • $50 billion in cuts to our local hospitals, culling beds and lengthening waiting times
    • Ordinary Australians unable to afford essential pathology services, such as pap smears
    • Profit-driven corporations calling the shots on who is eligible to receive publicly-funded care
    • Our private medical data in the hands of for-profit providers
  • A copayment by stealth, with the continued freeze to the Medicare rebate.

PPS – A big shout out to the powerful coalition of grounds involved in Saturday’s rallies, including our friends at #TheseCutsAreKillingUs, the CPSU, Nurses Association, HSU, ASMOF, ACTU and state and regional trades halls.

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