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Young jobseekers need a Newstart with Turnbull


Alycia – GetUp!

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Australia may have a new Prime Minister, but by the looks of the first policy-cab off the rank, you’d be forgiven for not realising it.

One of the Prime Minister Turnbill’s first acts has been to reintroduce the Abbott Government’s proposal to force young jobseekers to wait four weeks for Newstart support. This is the Turnbull Government’s first statement on the Abbott Budget, and the way we respond could set the tone for so many other of our issues – from $100K university degrees to $80 billion cuts to our schools and hospitals.

If the Coalition thinks all it takes is a change in salesman to make Abbott’s Budget measures more palatable, they have another thing coming. We need to take this opportunity to show them these cuts are just as unpopular as they were before.

Let your Coalition MP or senator know, if they’re looking to take a different direction, they’d best not stray down the same old path. Send them a message, telling them to abandon the changes to Newstart:

Day one: Mr Turnbull follows Abbott’s suit: delaying marriage equality by blocking a free vote, and making a deal with the Nationals that would rule out a price on emissions during his prime-ministership. Day two: Just a week after the Senate blocked the changes to Newstart, the Turnbull Government reintroduces the proposal, which would leave young jobseekers with no support for four weeks. It’s an ominous start and one that begs the question, what’ll be next? $100K university degrees? Attacks on our Medicare?

Right now, the Turnbull Government is weighing up which policies they’ll abandon, and which of them they’ll stick with. As we head towards an election year, public reaction will be a critical factor in determining the policies that stick.

When it comes to the changes in Newstart, GetUp members have shown the government just how much the policy will hurt them at the polls. We’ve sent thousands of emails to their MPs and senators, rallied in streets around the country, and flooded Senator Abetz’s inbox with cheeky “job applications” after the Employment Minister suggested jobseekers send 40 applications a month. The overwhelming community backlash to the proposal forced the government to backdown from a waiting period of 6 months to four weeks, which was also knocked down by the Senate just last week.

We’ve seen what happens when 81,000 people come together to stand up for a strong safety net for those who need it most. Now we need to do it again.

Click here to send your Coalition MP or senator a message about the fight they face in pushing this reckless proposal through Parliament.

Together, GetUp members have quashed many of the harsh budget measures proposed by the former Abbott Government – from the GP co-payment, to pension cuts, to $100,000 university degrees. While it remains to be seen whether Mr Turnbull will pursue the Abbott Government’s budget measures, it’s clear his government has wasted no time re-introducing a policy that will punish young jobseekers.

Perhaps the Turnbull Government has already forgotten about the overwhelming community backlash that arose when the cuts were first proposed. Let’s remind them of it, shall we?

Alycia, Daney, Nat and Mark for the GetUp team

[1] Senate rejects bid to make young jobseekers wait extra four weeks for welfare, The Guardian, 10 September 2015

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