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13 April 2012

ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT: Fukushima impacts global nuclear generation in 2011
The amount of electricity generated by nuclear power plants worldwide fell by just over 4% in 2011, primarily due to reactors being idled in Japan following the Fukushima accident and Germany’s reflex reaction to close its older units.

ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT: Germany escapes carbon emissions rise
Germany’s emissions of carbon dioxide edged down by 2.2% last year, even while those from its power sector grew in the wake of post-Fukushima reactor closures. The main effects from the shutdowns have been a cut in exports previously supported by nuclear and the financial impact of this on utilities.

EXPLORATION & NUCLEAR FUEL: Novel plant prepares to prove process
A transportable facility that aims to demonstrate a process to recover uranium as a by-product from the phosphate fertiliser industry is about to start operations in the USA.

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