Will World Population Day Open the Gates to Coercive Contraception?

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World Population Day on July 11 Notes Problems of Population Growth
Sacramento Bee
Californians for Population Stabilization says population growth is main threat to environment.
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Population growth adds service needs
San Antonio Express
An analysis by the Center for Public Policy Priorities notes, “Because these instructions do not allow the baseline to grow enough to cover population growth or cost inflation — what ‘current services’ proposals would require — they keep Texas on the 
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Israeli settler population surges under Netanyahu
Fox News
The Palestinian growth rate in the West Bank, in the meantime, was far lower: In 2011, the populationgrew 2.8 percent to 2.19 million, from 2.13 million a year earlier, according to the Palestinian bureau of statistics. Palestinians, who hope to 
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Jewish population surges in West Bank
Richmond Times Dispatch
Under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, elected three years ago, the population growth rate of Israeli settlers on the West Bank has quickly outpaced Israel proper. By: Associated Press , Times-Dispatch Staff | The Associated Press Published: July 10 
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Will World Population Day Open the Gates to Coercive Contraception?
Care2.com (blog)
Indeed, the Gates Foundation’s family planning strategy blames population growth for exacerbating all matter of social ills, from stressing government budgets to contributing significantly to “the global burden of disease, environmental degradation 
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How to meet population challenges
China Daily
The low birth rate and population aging mean China faces two important economic challenges. The first is maintaining economic growth and poverty reduction, while the second is ensuring economic security for hundreds of millions of elderly. Since the 
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Whatcom Population Sees Slow Growth
Chamber of Commerce President Ken Oplinger says the county is currently growing at about half its normal rate. He says one reason for the slow population growth is because cities like Bellingham aren’t doing enough to encourage job growth.
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Consultants Key to IT Job Growth in June
IT Business Edge (blog)
The month’s tally was about enough to keep up with population growth, but not nearly enough to help the backlog of 13 million unemployed workers, according to The New York Times. At the same time, there were 13400 jobs created across four segments of 
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Housing needs increase 15% annually in African cities, says Ubosi
“This congestion leads to high demand pressure on land, and land, being a limited resource with high degree of inelasticity, can rarely be increased quick enough to keep pace with the increase inpopulation and consequent pressure. This increased 
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