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Paul – GetUp!

10:58 PM (10 hours ago)

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What a whirlwind, NEVILLE.

After two years of sustained pressure by GetUp members, the most radically conservative Prime Minister of our time faced his reckoning. And this morning, I woke to our new PM, Malcolm Turnbull.

To be honest, I’ve got mixed feelings about this moment. What remains to be seen is whether this move will be a change of substance for the Liberal Party, or merely a change of face.

Click through for an update on what this moment means for the issues that matter most to GetUp members – and find out how you can be a part of it.

There’s things I’m cautiously hopeful about right now. In just 24 hours, the political possibilities on so many of the things our movement stands for have dramatically altered. In the past, Malcolm Turnbull has openly supported giving everyone the freedom to marry the person they love and a real climate policy that would have gone some way to securing a safe future for our kids, and their kids.

But there’s much I’m wary of, too. Malcolm Turnbull has been a senior Cabinet Minister for the same government that has spent the last two years slashing funding to our ABC and SBS, launching attacks on the renewable energy industry, leading us down the path of US-style student debt and dismantling our world-class healthcare system, just to name a few.

Newly elected by a fractured party room, Mr Turnbull is under enormous pressure from the most conservative members of his party to hold the existing party line. We’re already seeing what this looks like, with Mr Turnbull assuring his colleagues that under his leadership, emissions targets will not budge and there will be no free vote on marriage equality1. If that pans out to be true, real people will pay very real consequences for the deals that Mr Turnbull has cut.

This is reason enough to make sure that in this moment we don’t take our eye off the ball. That we hold on to our conviction that together we can create an Australia where political parties of all stripes support justice for the dispossessed, public-serving democracy and equality between all people.

If Abbott’s downfall should teach this government anything, it should be that Mr Turnbull can’t just be a different man. He has to have a different agenda – one that serves working Australians over foreign corporations and the wealthiest 1%. It’ll be up to all of us, banding together, now and in the months to come, to prove that a change of face is not enough.

Click through for a video update on the state of play, and what we might expect from a Turnbull government.

I can’t do it without you,

Paul, and the GetUp team

PS – September’s only half over and I’ve been blown away by the incredible generosity of GetUp members. Just two weeks ago, over 8000 of you stepped up to jettison the Abbott Government’s radically conservative agenda in the Canning by-election. With our biggest fundraiser of the year, we were able to cut through the noise with hard-hitting billboards, newspaper ads and a saturating digital media campaign, getting our messages in front of tens of thousands of voters – and pushing the Liberal Party over the edge.

GetUp members have also been busy making their mark on the national stage – from powerful candlelit vigils in a show of humanity for asylum seekers, through to cheeky coal deliveries to the Environment Minister. I’m so grateful to this movement, and so proud of all we achieve together. Click here for an update on GetUp members’ September so

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