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We can’t trust AGL


Sam R – GetUp!

2:21 PM (29 minutes ago)

to me

Huge news. AGL’s coal seam gas license in Gloucester has been suspended following a major environmental breach.

Hazardous BTEX chemicals (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes) were found in the water of two of AGL’s wells. AGL discovered the chemicals on January 15, but didn’t report the breach until almost two weeks later.

It’s the latest in a string of incidents that have proven without a doubt that AGL can’t be trusted with our water, our land or our communities.

The suspension of their drilling license is good, but doesn’t go nearly far enough. Can you demand AGL withdraw completely from Gloucester right now?

AGL aren’t usually all that keen to consult the community or listen to feedback. But right now, we have a real opportunity to be heard. In just two weeks, AGL will have a brand new CEO, Andrew Vesey. We know he’ll be listening carefully to what people say as he looks to negotiate a tricky first few months on the job.

We need Mr Vesey to be aware of the widespread, passionate, grassroots opposition to the Gloucester CSG project from the first moment he arrives. Let’s welcome him by delivering an open letter with thousands of signatures demanding AGL immediately withdraws from the Gloucester CSG project.

Click here to add your name and tell AGL’s new CEO Andrew Vesey to withdraw from Gloucester immediately.

AGL’s CSG projects have been mired in so many controversies recently it’s been hard to keep up. Here’s what they’ve done:

1: AGL’s license has been suspended by the NSW Government after finding hazardous BTEX chemicals in the water of two of its wells.1
2: AGL has been drilling for CSG under people’s homes in Sydney without residents having any idea.2
3: One-in-ten of AGL’s Camden wells were found to be leaking in a gasfield 200m away from houses.3
4: Hunter Water refused AGL permission to dump wastewater in the sewer system, but AGL did it anyway4
5: There have been huge fluctuation in groundwater levels near AGL’s CSG wells5

It’s simple. We can’t trust AGL: http://www.getup.org.au/agl-suspended.

Before it’s too late.

Sam R, for the GetUp team.

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[2] Proof of CSG drilling under family homes in Sydney Yahoo News. January 22, 2015
[3] Leaks found at almost one in 10 AGL CSG wells at Camden SMH. October 14, 2014
[4] EPA investigation into discharge of treated flow back water into Hunter Water sewer network. Hunter Water. January 22, 2015
[5] Shifting ground water levels add to AGL’s CSG doubts. SMH. January 27, 2015

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