Water spills into Kashmir war

Corpses of Kashmir resistance fighters
KashmirGlobal photograph of corpses killed in border war

Kashmir is mired in lockdown with strict curfews keeping residents in their homes without the use of telephones and internet as the ongoing territorial dispute between India and Pakistan escalates.

India’s home minister has accused Pakistan of being a terrorist state and Pakistan’s defense minister has threatened to use nuclear weapons. India has also threatened to revoke the 56 year old Indus Water Treaty that governs the sharing of water from the Indus River that flows through Kashmir.

Water is an increasingly scarce resource in the region as water tables fall due to pumping of ground water and Himalayan ice disappears.


Why the India-Pakistan War Over Water Is So Dangerous

As New Delhi and Islamabad trade nuclear threats and deadly attacks, a brewing war over shared water resources threatens to turn up the violence.


How to Stop Kashmir from Spiraling into All-Out War

Kashmir has again become the venue for a confrontation between India and Pakistan. Seeking to restore order, the authorities in Kashmir instituted curfews, shut down newspapers, internet and cellphone services.



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