WA university set to spread GE crops


When the University of Western Australian posted this Media Statement on its website, it exposed the Federal Governments long term agenda to introducte genetically modified crops into Australia.

It seems that government funding has been channeled into the development of GE or GM crops for 15 years, although these crops were banned.

The Howard Government has never been open to acting on independent studies on the consequences of introducing genetically modified crops into Australia’s farming sector.

This media statement should ring alarm bells for all Australians.


Media Statement

Thursday, June 14, 2007


When the current moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops is lifted, The University of Western Australia (UWA) has GM lupin lines with superior seed quality and yield readily available for wider testing and evaluation in the WA grainbelt.

According to UWA Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis Director, Professor Craig Atkins, sustaining cereal production through rotating legumes drove the UWA GM lupin breeding program, which commenced in 1992.

“We developed a very successful genetic engineering program for narrow-leafed lupin, including herbicide (Basta®) and bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV) resistant varieties,” he said. 

Full statement  



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