VIDEO: proud to be tackling climate change (GET UP)

VIDEO: proud to be tackling climate change (GET UP)


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What do a former liberal leader; a Wallabies star and a world-renowned conservationist have in common? Watch this video to find out.


From today, Australia finally has a price on pollution, and we reckon that’s something to be proud of.

Well-loved Australian leaders have come together in this new video to mark the milestone. It’s a great antidote to the negativity we’ll hear so much of this week, and a reminder of why we’re tackling climate change in the first place.

Let’s share it with friends, family and colleagues this week.

You’ll recognise many of the faces in this video, but Wallabies star David Pocock really stands out. David is the kind of articulate, thoughtful young climate champion the whole country should hear more from. Let’s get behind him.

We’ve pencilled in advertising spots for this video during next weekend’s Rugby Union fixtures. If 1,500 of us can each chip $30, we’ll be able to ensure hundreds of thousands of rugby fans see David’s leadership off the pitch as well as on it.

Thanks, and congratulations to all who have campaigned for climate action,
the GetUp! team.

This video was made with our good friends at the Australian Youth Climate Coalition; WWF-Australia; and Australian Conservation Foundation. They all have been campaigning long and hard for a safer climate and deserve congratulations for being part of the movement that has achieved this price on pollution.

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