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“Utterly Offensive”


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Our Government has just told the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) — Australia’s investment fund for renewable energy — to stop investing in clean energy!

Yep, you heard us right. Joe Hockey finds wind turbines “utterly offensive”. So, having slashed the renewable energy target, his Government has directed the CEFC to stop all investment in wind and small-scale solar[1], rubbing salt in the wounds of a renewables sector that is already battling to keep afloat after years of ever-changing policy and little to no support.

Our Government needs to know that Australians don’t support these dangerous attacks — and that each time they do something like this, it brings them one step closer to being voted out at the next election.

Click here to tell Abbott and co. that you find their behaviour “utterly offensive.”

This is yet another step towards the Coalition’s grand plan of scrapping the CEFC altogether. According to Abbott – if renewable energy stacked up economically, then it wouldn’t need this kind of support. Never mind that renewables are cost-competitive with fossil fuels in numerous regions nor that they’re competing with a fossil fuel industry that our Government is subsidising to the tune of $10 billion annually.[2]

Take action now if you find this outrageous.

Whilst Australia buries its head in the sand on the very solutions that could dig us out of this climate mess, the rest of the world is moving ahead. Those so-called “offensive” and “awful” wind turbines last week generated 140% of Denmark’s electricity and will soon provide Kenya with a fifth of its energy needs.[5]

Meanwhile, NASA just gave us a glimpse of the pace with which China is leaping ahead on renewables when they revealed images of Chinese solar arrays in the Gobi Desert — so massive they can be viewed from outer space.[6]

Email our Government to tell them to dig their heads out of the sand today.

The world’s energy needs will not and cannot continue to be met by coal, oil and gas. Instead they will and must come from the sun and the wind. The rest of the world already knows this, which is why they’re moving their money out of fossil fuels and into renewables by the day. Yet Australia is intent upon denying the science, ignoring common sense and keeping us wedded to a dirty, backward industry of the past.

Tell our Government that they’ve gone too far – it’s time to stop this madness – it’s offensive, embarrassing and outright destructive.

In outrage,

Blair for the 350.org Australia team


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[6] Nasa satellite images show China’s giant solar panel expansion in Gobi Desert, International Business Times, 2 July.

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