US military plans energy reductions


A study ordered by the Pentagon warns that the rising cost and dwindling supply of oil – the lifeblood of fighter jets, warships, and tanks – will make the US military’s ability to respond to crises around the world "unsustainable in the long term”. The report says the military is using 16 times more fuel per soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan than in World War II. The Pentagon commissioned LMI, a government-consulting firm, to produce the report.

New military energy strategy: Transforming the Way DoD Looks at Energy is intended as a potential blueprint for a new military energy strategy and includes a detailed survey of potential alternatives to oil – including synthetic fuels, renewable biofuels, ethanol and biodiesel fuel as well as solar and wind power, among many others.

The study produced by a consulting firm, concluded;

• that all four branches of the military must "fundamentally transform” their assumptions about energy including taking immediate steps towards fielding weapons systems and aircraft that run on alternative and renewable fuels.

• the Pentagon must "apply new energy technologies that address alternative supply sources and efficient consumption across all aspects of military operations”, the report says.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 2/5/2007, p.8

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