Unions slam plan for NSW public job cuts

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Unions slam plan for NSW public job cuts

Updated: 09:52, Friday June 8, 2012

Unions slam plan for NSW public job cuts

A plan to cut 10,000 NSW public service jobs will swamp police, teachers and nurses with paperwork, the state’s peak union body says.

NSW Treasurer Mike Baird is expected to confirm the job losses on Tuesday as he hands down his second state budget.

The cuts will come over a four-year period and be achieved by binding government departments to a 1.2 per cent annual cap on labor expense – saving $2.2 billion.

Nurses, police and teachers will be shielded from the axe wielding.

But Unions NSW says those frontline workers will end up doing paperwork previously carried out by colleagues lost in the job cuts.

‘The government’s argument that these jobs will not affect police, nurses and school teachers is an absolute furphy,’ Unions NSW secretary Mark Lennon said in a statement.

‘These cuts will drown nurses, police and other frontline public sector workers in paperwork and stop them doing the jobs they were employed to do – serving the community.’

Next week’s cuts come on top of 5000 public service job losses last year.

It will lead to a demoralised workforce and a growth in casual labour, Mr Lennon said.

Mr Baird is also expected to crack down on public sector leave balances.

Speeding fines will rise by 12.5 per cent, Fairfax newspapers reported on Friday.

The Public Service Association (PSA) said school assistants, motor registry employees, park rangers, scientists, land and water management specialists and health and education policy experts will be axed under the plan.

It anticipates further cuts from NSW’s community services, primary industries, environment and education departments over the next 12 months.

‘The people of NSW will feel these cuts every time they try to get served in a motor registry, when they seek support for their disabled child, when they try to enjoy our national parks,’ PSA general secretary John Cahill said.

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