Twitter tiff: Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd. Photo: Nic Walker

Twitter tiff: Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd. Photo: Nic Walker

Experts sceptical of Coalition’s NBN plan

Would-be leaders Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd had a Twitter skirmish on Saturday in the battle of the broadband policies for their respective parties.

It started on Friday when @KRuddMP tweeted about living five kilometre from Brisbane: “Under Abbott, much of my community gets zero upgrade”.

By 10am on Saturday, @TurnbullMalcolm took him to task: “@KRuddMP not correct Our plan will improve your area’s bband speeds by taking it from adsl to vdsl most wd have 50 megs – 25 is the minimum.” (Translation better speeds are achievable by changing the digital line type).

Then it was on – tweet-for-tweet – between the two MPs and a third party, the anonymous tweeter @geeksrulz.

@geeksrulz chimed in at 10.18am with: “@TurnbullMalcolm Your 25 to 50 are not achievable over 5kms from exchange via copper @KRuddMP.”

In a retaliatory missive, the Opposition communication’s spokesman, Mr Turnbull replied at 10.22am: “@geeksrulz @kruddmp 25 is the minimum. vdsl fttn (fibre to the node) delivers much higher speeds for most customers.”

Then Mr Turnbull reloaded at 11.16am: “@geeksrulz @kruddmp of course. That’s why you take the fibre further into field and so reduce cu (copper) length considerably.”

Mr Rudd, the former prime minister, got back into the fray at 11.37am: “@TurnbullMalcolm Hi Malcolm. Mate, so for 75% our cost, you get 25% the speed, a $5k hit per household, and its up a year before ours?”

Then he fired again at 12.04pm: “@TurnbullMalcolm Malcolm, if it looks like a sloth, moves like sloth, it probably is a sloth of a policy. I like sloths. But not for BB.”

Firing back, Mr Turnbull replied at 12.13: “@KRuddMP a sloth wd be ashamed by your NBN project which after four years hasn’t even managed to activate 20,000 premises.”

Stand-up comedian and cartoonist Jason Chatfield got the last word: “Thanks for giving us cartoonists some material for tomorrow. Cheers.”
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