Turnbull touts metered farm water


Australia’s Environment Minister says water meters will become a key part of Australian agriculture in the next few years.


Malcolm Turnbull yesterday unveiled an $18 million water efficiency scheme in north-west Tasmania.


Hydro Tasmania’s new meter measures up-to-the-minute water use and availability.


Results are sent to a central database where more than 3,000 Tasmanian farmers will log on by the end of next year.


Mr Turnbull says improving efficiency is a key part of his water security plan and nearly all Australian farms will eventually need water meters.


"This will be a bigger and bigger part of water management, everywhere in the world," he said.


Hydro Tasmania’s Christoff LeGrande says the new invention is ready to lead the way.


"There are already trials running in Queensland and South Australia and there’s then the potential of taking it internationally," he said.


He says the new water meters are quicker and more accurate than manual monitoring.

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