Turnbull slashes and burns path through environment


"711 000 Australian homes are within the projected possible range of 6 metre sea level rise this century. In our region, up to 450 million people will be made vulnerable by just a one metre rise. This is a recipe for enormous misery, migration and social chaos."

"The world’s best scientific minds are warning of catastrophic losses of species and treasured wild places. The extinction of the Pygmy Possum or the death of the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef or loss of the Snowy Mountains snow cover involves profound personal costs, a deep and difficult sense of grief, regret and even guilt.
"Future generations will be greatly aggrieved by this Howardian age of consumptive indifference."

"Malcolm Turnbull’s claim that the IPCC report was nothing new is an admission that his government’s decade of inaction was despite knowledge of these massive threats to our nation’s environmental and economic security.

"Now he is flying around the world with a$200 million off-the-shelf plan to save rainforests. He is currently appealing in the Federal Court to overturn a ruling saving Tasmania’s 10,000 hectare Wielangta forest from logging and burning. And in the Senate, his government is blocking.

Greens Senator Christine Milne’s Climate Change bill and call for an inquiry into sea level rises. He is a sham." Senator Brown said.

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