Train level crossing trial to send warnings to cars

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This may curb the mentality of drivers who are impatient and think they can beat the train. Speed humps on approaches to level crossings  would also be an option.

Train level crossing trial to send warnings to cars

Posted May 21, 2012 11:20:46

New technology that allows approaching trains to send signals to cars at level crossings will be trialled in Melbourne over the next month.

The technology operates wirelessly to send messages to cars approaching level crossings, warning them of oncoming trains to prevent accidents.

Professor Jack Singh from La Trobe University says 100 cars will participate in the trial to test the wireless devices.

“Basically we’ll see how the technology works,” he said.

“How do people behave to this technology, what is the take-up of this messaging system that will be in the cars and eventually find out how the vehicles can communicate and what sort of impacts there are.”

Professor Singh says the technology has already been trialled in regional Victoria, but the range of the signal will be limited in urban areas.

“What will happen is the range will decrease, the distance will decrease,” he said.

“We want to make sure the technology we have developed is fail-safe basically because we cannot afford a misconnection.”

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