This is how we win, for solar and for Australia SOLAR CITIZENS AUSTRALIA

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This is how we win, for solar and for Australia


Claire, Solar Citizens <>

4:34 PM (11 minutes ago)

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When the government began its attack on solar and the Renewable Energy Target around six months ago the outlook for solar was dire.

Their dodgy, hand-picked Warburton review was threatening Australians’ ability to go solar and take control of their power bills, wrecking business confidence and putting thousands of jobs and billions in investment at risk.

Yesterday, things turned a corner, with reports that Federal Cabinet has rejected the Warburton review of the Target.*

This is a huge development, and it came less than two weeks after we rallied in our thousands outside Cabinet Ministers’ offices around the country in a show of strength for solar like they’ve never seen.

This year together we stood up to the government and big power companies to protect the Target. We’ve presented the 25,000+ signature Keep Solar Strong petition to the Government, hand written hundreds of letters to MPs and senators and conducted 2,000 community conversations around Australia. And our politicians are hearing us, loud and clear.

Not only has Cabinet rejected the Warburton review, but Palmer United has also reaffirmed its pledge to maintain the Target – when leader Clive Palmer made the announcement last month he spoke about the hundreds of hand written letters he’d received**.

But there is still a long way to go. The Government and Labor are negotiating on the future of the Target right now, and vested interests that want the Target gone are knocking at the door***. At Tamworth’s rally event Friday before last, Barnaby Joyce told the crowd outside his office that he won’t confirm there won’t be changes to the Target****.

We must make sure our politicians realise that Australians overwhelmingly want the Target protected. We need to make our call on them to protect solar even louder right when they’re about to make their final decision on the fate of the Target.

Help us continue the pressure – sign up to visit your local MP and make sure the voices of everyday Australians speak louder than vested interests and are heard by our politicians.

Our leaders are starting to realise just how much Australians love their solar and how much they want to see a strong future for solar and renewables. We won’t let up – will you join us?

Yours for a strong solar future,

Claire O’Rourke, Campaigns Director

P.S. When we put the call out to protect the Renewable Energy Target we immediately saw the passion and readiness of thousands of Australians like you who wanted to stand up for solar. Together we’ve helped unite the community, the renewables industry and politicians to leave the government totally isolated in its desire to destroy the Target. Become a monthly supporter today and help make sure we put even more pressure on so that our politicians stand up for solar.




Solar Citizens


Solar Citizens is working to protect the rights of million of Australian solar owners to cut bills, create cleaner power and take energy generation back into our own hands. You can also keep up with Solar Citizens on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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