Their fight is our fight too

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Their fight is our fight too

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Dear friend,

Last week, thirty Pacific Islanders did something truly brilliant. Together, brothers and sisters from across the Islands joined over 500 Australians to block ten coal ships at the world’s largest coal port in Newcastle.

Click here to re-live this incredible day.

And this week, Australia responded. In cities around the country, we stood together to show that the fight for the Pacific Islands is our fight too.  Australians will not let our island neighbours drown – we will stand up to the fossil fuel industry whose activities are destroying their and our homes, their and our communities.

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Over the past four days, Australians everywhere have taken the frontline of the fight against climate change to the heart of the fossil fuel industry and their backers.

From Melbournians peacefully sitting-in at ANZ – the largest lender to coal and gas projects in Australia…

…to Canberrans getting arrested for peacefully occupying the Minerals Council of Australia, whose lobbying locks us into an unsafe future…

…and 92-year olds sitting in at the offices of Whitehaven Coal who, right now, is developing Australia’s largest greenfields coal mine at the Leard State Forest.

From Perth residents occupying the offices of oil and gas company Buru Energy, who plans to frack the land of traditional owners in the stunning Kimberly…

…and flotillas on the Brisbane river…


…to thousands of Australians moving hundreds of millions of their savings out of Australian Banks financing fossil fuel expansion.


And this is just the start. To truly win this fight, the action that we’ve taken this past week has to grow in scale and pace. The coming months and years will test us in ways that we can’t imagine.

Click here to support Australia and Pacific to continue to grow this movement and fight this fight.

Because we are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last to be able to do anything about it. So let’s do something about it – together, peacefully, hand-in-hand.

Yours in solidarity,

Blair, Charlie, Josh, Simon and Aaron for the whole 350 team

PS See all the images from the Warriors’ actions here: is building a global climate movement.

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