The Plague Behind Mankind Collapse

الأحد، 13 أبريل، 2014

The Plague Behind Mankind Collapse

The invisible monster behind mankind collapse

Overpopulation is the plague which will destroy mankind. Previously plague use to hit any aria which is overpopulated and force it to a perfect status. it was a mechanism designed by nature (God). Where God has designed it to keep our planet in a perfect well functioning equilibrium and to keep it safe and sound from collapse.
Stupidly man overcomed the plague designed by God and did not put an alternative solution to the overpopulation.
So we where 2 billions now we are 7 billions so mankind soon will get collapsed and it deserve it


 Let’s imagine that celestial beings are invading the Earth where earth had 2 billion people in the 1950s and now it has 7 billion.


As if 5 billion celestial beings have invaded planet Earth and started to eat up its resources in a devastating manner, most of the row materials have reached near extinction, and now planet Earth entered a state of water scarcity. Even the water is almost exhausted by these celestial beings.



The celestial beings are eating Amazon forests in an immoral criminal manner. They burn 14,000 acres every day and distorted 80 percent of the Indonesian rain forests. Every second an area as big as a football field of the forests get de annihilated.  The extinction of one kind of species is taking place every nine minutes, an average of 200 species every day. This is done day after day without mercy or remorse and these celestial beings don’t care and will never care because they are celestial beings.



Despite all the devastations they have caused, the celestial beings are still coming to our small little planet in more numbers with no mercy or SHAME.



The Arab Springs was caused by these celestial beings and all of them now youthful and full of energy. All the people who participated in the demonstration in Yemen, Egypt and Syria they were all celestial beings.



They came to planet Earth and found everyone had a house, job…etc and nothing was left for them. As a result, they had no choice but to work for low wages and as their numbers grow and could not find jobs, they started to stand in the streets and sell things on benches. But they kept coming and growing in numbers. When their conditions worsened further, some burned themselves and all their comrades came in massive numbers to demonstrate in anger against the economic situation.



These celestial beings will destroy all countries one after one. At the end, the governments will collapse under their constant revolts, then it will be a lawless land governed by chaos and criminal originations and there is no solution to the celestial beings because their existence on planet earth is the problem.



The population explosion in the third world countries if not stopped now, and I mean now at this very moment of time, by forcing by power of law the birth control, all the third world countries will become the poorest countries in the world. The poor will revolt in revolutions one after the other until the third world countries becomes a big Somalia where everybody kills anybody. Finally what will prevail is poverty, fear, horror and death and the third world countries will become a syrup of chaos.



This will not be in the third world countries only it will be in all southern countries of this planet, so the syrup of chaos will prevail and this syrup will start to spillover the rich low populated northern countries of planet earth (Europe and America), then it too will be infected by this Monster and then all planet earth will go into an all-out distraction. It will be like hell, it will be much greater than the biblical scale.



If we take in consideration, the other three Monsters – the oil peak, the global warming and the financial collapse, which will all hit in 10 years-time simultaneously— we realize that we are moving full speed to a collision which will turn planet Earth into doomsday.



If the north does not go now and I mean now to the United Nations and make a law that every country should not exceed its land bearing capacity or face international food blockade, and if any country is already over capacity it must take measures to reduce its population through mandatory birth control, and if it does not it will be blockaded.



If these measures are not taken, let us all kiss goodbye happy life, and lets all say hello to doomsday and no one should cry when he finds himself in the middle of HELL.


What really amaze me truly amaze me is why all media all over the world is silent about this overpopulation catastrophe. As if there is a conspiracy to destroy mankind.

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Any country says our religion forbid population control and God will feed us. We tell those well lets blocked you and see if God will feed you if he does so it is good for you.. you don’t have to pay for the import of your food any more it will come to you free from God. Therefore blockading you is good for you.. you should be happy about it.

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Save our planet now or it will be too late. It is simple. One Planet

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