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28 November 2015

One of the rewards of deep thought is the hot glow of anger at discovering a wrong, but where anger is taboo, thought will starve to death

Jules Henry

Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong. You cannot shirk this and be a man. 

Mark Twain

Arctic Ocean Shows New Record Low Sea Ice (In November !!)

Immense thrust of fast moving sea ice is pushing through at the full width of the Fram Strait between Norway and Greenland. This huge transport of latent coldness out of the Arctic Ocean to North Atlantic (while the constantly forming new sea ice as temperatures are below 0°C) is generating the heat to keep the surface air temperatures higher across the Arctic Ocean. Thus, heat is constantly being added to the Arctic Ocean while heat is taken away from the North Atlantic. 

Court Win for Youths Demanding Right to Stable Climate

A group of young petitioners in Washington state fighting for a stable climate—and therefore a livable world—was vindicated late Thursday when a judge affirmed that the state has a constitutional and public trust obligation to protect the environment. “It’s incredible to have the court finally say that we do have a right to a healthy atmosphere and that our government can’t allow it to be harmed,” said 13-year-old petitioner Gabriel Mandell. 

2015’s record-breaking El Niño emerged on a warming planet 

While this El Niño is unprecedented, it is not wholly unexpected. For several years now the oceans have been swallowing and drawing down much of the heat that has been accumulating in the atmosphere. That heat is now reemerging. 

‘Beyond terrifying’: Muslim Americans shocked by Trump and Carson quotes 

Donald Trump called for a database of all Muslims in the country to track their movements. 

Africa is likely to be a global epicentre of environmental conflict. 

An unprecedented scheme to dramatically expand African roads, railroads and energy infrastructure. 33 massive “development corridors” are being proposed or are underway with a total length of 53,000 kilometres, with road or railroad, a pipeline or power line. Roads facilitate invasion by illegal miners, colonists, loggers and land speculators. 

Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope Of Western Cooperation

The Russians have a technology that they recently demonstrated against the newest US missile cruiser and Israel’s US jet fighters that shuts down the communication systems of hostile forces, leaving them blind. Was the Russian aircraft shot down to encourage the Russians to use its unknown technology whenever Russian aircraft are in the vicinity of NATO and Israeli aircraft. Surely the US has sent every Raven and ELINT specialist to the area in hopes that Russia’s use of the technology will allow them to learn enough about the system to duplicate it or learn how to block it.

Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President

who is breaching every known law of funding terrorism when buying ISIS crude, almost certainly with the tacit approval by various “western alliance” governments, and why is it that these governments have allowed it for so long? 

Former Iraqi PM warns of ‘new world war’ after Russia-Turkey clash

Erdogan claims that a Russian aircraft entered Turkey’s airspace for a few seconds, forgetting that its own planes violate Iraqi and Syrian airspace every day,” 

Tracking the renewables boom from Copenhagen to Paris.

4,700,000 new jobs that have been created worldwide in renewable energy since the previous UN talks in Copenhagen. And at the same time, the price of solar PV modules has dived 75%, wind power has fallen 30% and the number of countries with renewable energy targets has almost doubled. 

Australian carbon emissions to GROW 6% under Direct Action 

Right-wing Extremists in Ukraine Blow Up Electricity Lines To the Peninsula 

A state of emergency has been declared in Crimea. Reserve electricity production using portable gas turbines and diesel generators is assuring electricity service to public institutions, including the national airport at Simferopol, bus and train service and television and radio broadcasting. But most Crimean citizens were left without power at home. 

The ‘Great Divorce’ Between the World’s Two Largest Economies Will Drive Currency and Rates Markets in 2016

the USD/RMB peg has been a marriage of convenience and the anchor for the global growth model for the last 15 years. It is headed for a divorce, and the RMB devaluation on Aug. 11 was a first small step in this direction.   

Pesticides stop bumblebees from pollinating apple trees

neonicotinoids affect bees’ memory and ability to learn, which is vital in productive foraging. 

Australian all-electric bus drives into record books – 1,018km on one charge

The buses combine a high performance lithium ion battery with proprietary eMotor, battery management and a regenerative braking system.

Peru Seeks to Protect Ancient Nazca Lines from El Niño

The weather is expected to bring heavy rain to normally arid areas, posing a potential threat to the ancient geoglyphs. 

To reduce our impacts we must address consumptions. 

Population growth is outpaced by the growth in consumption of almost all resources. There is enough to meet everyone’s need, even in a world of 10 billion people. There is not enough to meet our greed, even in a world of 2 billion people.

Survival of the richest: how London’s super-rich are trying to buy immortality:

When you have everything you ever dreamed of, what’s left to want? Time to enjoy it, of course. The cutting-edge treatments helping London’s super-rich stay forever young – and just how much they’re prepared to pay for them 

Feeding ‘Godzilla’: as Indonesia burns, its government moves to increase forest destruction

One third of all remaining orang-utans are threatened by the fires. Meanwhile half a million people were sickened by toxic smoke, which created a pollution haze spanning multiple countries. This shows how many. 

Guile Replaces The Stick: Washington’s New Approach To Russia

Washington will take advantage of Russian desire for Western cooperation to bring Russia under Western influence, thus reestablishing Washington’s hegemony. 

Negative Interest Rates, the War on Cash, and the $10 Trillion Bail-in

Central bankers are moving to eliminate cash. If your only choice is to keep your money in a digital account in a bank and spend it with a card, negative interest can be imposed with impunity. This is already happening in Sweden. 

Rapid Transition to a Clean World

It is technically and economically feasible to shift to clean energy facilities between now and 2050.

   It will create net jobs worldwide.

   It will avoid millions of air-pollution mortalities and avoid trillions of dollars in pollution and global warming damage.

   It will stabilize energy prices and reduce energy poverty.

   It will make countries energy independent and reduce international conflict over energy.

   It will reduce risks of large-scale system disruptions by significantly decentralizing power production.

Given that there are so many benefits and there are no technical and economic barriers to complete the shift by the year 2050, why not make an even faster transition?

Feebates, especially when implemented locally, can best facilitate the necessary shift. Moreover, when energy feebates are implemented jointly with feebates in further areas, greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by 80% by 2020, while soils, atmosphere and oceans could be restored to their pre-industrial status over the course of the century. 

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