The great rail infrastructure rip-off

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EcoTransit Sydney’s Gavin Gatenby shows that new rail infrastructure costs in New South Wales have spiralled out of control over the last decade … to the point where prices are several times greater…
Added on 12/06/2012

G’day Neville,
Following up on yesterday’s chatter about VFT and infrastructure cost this youtube link is explosive,  just gobsmacking stuff.
Apologies if you have already seen it (or sent me an email I’m yet to find) as obviously it is getting a lot of attention (so far I’ve found about eight separate emails from while I was away saying I should watch this).  They are not wrong, this is a must watch.
With the numbers that Gavin Gatenby gives for the Ghottenburgh tunnel high-speed rail-lines under the mountains look very plausible option now.

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