Tell Turnbull to make Super Trawlers Abbott’s legacy, not his!

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Did you know that our new Prime Minister Mr Turnbull has a history of doing good for our oceans? Click here to tell him to show leadership again, and make super trawlers part of Abbott’s legacy, not his.

Malcolm Turnbull was part of the Howard Government era that addressed overfishing from the national trawler fleet and established a network of marine parks in south-eastern Australia, leading the way in ocean conservation globally. But this is all at risk of being lost.

The massive factory trawler Geelong Star is back out there fishing now – with no proven way to stop killing protected dolphins and seals or impacting on our valuable recreational fisheries – taking Australia’s fisheries down the global path of industrialisation that has led to fishery collapses and devastating impacts on coastal communities.

Sign the petition here and let Mr Turnbull know we need his leadership on oceans again. He’ll have a lot on his plate right now so we need to make sure that he hears loud and clear, that super trawlers are a problem, and they aren’t going away.

Mr Turnbull has already offered us some hope – he has removed the avid super trawler promoter – Senator Richard Colbeck – from the role of Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries. Let’s take this hope and turn it into action! Tell Mr Turnbull to ban factory freezer trawlers from the Small Pelagic Fishery for good.

Thanks for everything you do!

Bec and the Stop the Trawler crew

p.s. The new Prime Minister offers new hope for stopping massive factory trawlers from devastating Australia’s fisheries and marine life, but he needs to hear from you. Sign the petition here and spread it far and wide.

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