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Tax reform as popular as puppies


Daney – GetUp!

11:59 AM (15 minutes ago)

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Over the last week, there’ve been plenty of opportunities for GetUp members to contribute to kickstart campaigns – and today, there’s another exciting opportunity on our hands. We’ve an opportunity to deliver a strong message straight to the Labor Party National Conference on revenue reform – if we move fast. Read on for more!


This past week, over 7000 people have joined the campaign to introduce a ‘Buffett Rule’ – the tax reform as popular as puppies. Thousands more have emailed their Labor MP or Senator explaining how the Buffett Rule would help close tax loopholes for the wealthiest 1%.

But the best part? Labor Party insiders have told us that your simple and eye-catching messages are being read and talked about, and organisations have been reaching out to see how they can help get the word out in the lead up to the Labor National Conference.

You see, with over 2000 conference attendees there are many people that still won’t have heard about the Buffett Rule. So we’ve a plan to take it to their doorstep. A giant mobile Buffett Rule billboard is all set to drive round and round the Melbourne Convention Centre on 24 July, the very day the ALP will debate their tax policy.

Imagine it: every single Labor Party decision-maker in one place at one time, in one square city block – a captive audience for our eye-catching billboard. But before we can book it in, we need the funds to make it happen.

Click here to chip in to get a Buffett Rule billboard in front of the Labor National Conference, to be seen every time delegates step out for a coffee, chat or breath of fresh air.

The Buffett Rule is simple. It makes sure the top 1% of income earners (who earn over $300K a year) pay at least 35% tax on their income. So no matter how many tax loopholes or deductions are used, the 1% pay at least the same rate of tax as your average income earner. At a time when the Tax Office has exposed rife tax dodging at the big end of town, no wonder this is such a popular tax reform with Australians!1

Whether we like it or not, politicians of today are poll-obsessed. Fortunately we can swing this in our favour, given that a massive 79% of Australians support the introduction of an Aussie Buffett Rule.2 What better way to get the Labor Party talking about the Buffett Rule than by highlighting this rockstar statistic with a mobile billboard, front and centre at next week’s ALP National Conference.

Click here to pitch in to fund a mobile billboard spotlighting the only tax reform as popular as puppies.

With all the Labor Party decision makers and policy setters in the one place, it’s the perfect opportunity to kick start the conversation about this insanely popular tax reform with an enormous Buffett Rule billboard.

Thanks for being a part of it,
Daney, Nat, Alycia and Mark, for the GetUp team

PS – Did you know 80% of Australians love their pets like a family member?3 This is about the same number of Australians who support the Buffett Rule. It’s tax reform that’s simple and fair, raises billions – and is as popular as puppies! Chip in to get the word out at the ALP Conference next week:

[1] ‘Tax office statistics reveal the 55 millionaires who paid no tax’, Sydney Morning Herald, 30 April 2015
[2] Essential Media Communications poll held on 28 April 2015
[3] ‘Its raining cats and dogs’, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 September 2013

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