• Election Preview

    Antony Green maps out the election environment facing the major parties leading into the 2014 Tasmanian Election.

  • Electorates

    Antony Green’s A to Z of facts, history and trivia about every electorate in Tasmania. Find out about each electorate’s political landscape in the 2014 Tasmanian Election.

  • Candidates

    A list of candidates running in the next Tasmanian Election.

  • Past Premiers

    See all the Tasmania’s Premiers, dating back to 1856.

  • Past Elections

    Results for Tasmanian elections, dating back to 1950

  • Retiring MPs

    Antony profiles each retiring MP, revealing their pre-politics backgrounds and making his assessment of their political careers.

  • Hare-Clark system

    Antony Green explains the Hare-Clark electoral system used in the 2014 Tasmanian Election.

  • Antony Green’s Election Blog

    The weblog of the ABC’s Election analyst Antony Green.

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