Tasmania calls for emissions trading

Basslink sale indicated:: National Grid International had indicated that it wants to sell the Victoria-Tasmania interconnector Basslink.

Careful response: Asked if Tasmania Hydro "put in an indicative bid in regard to that, or has the Government put in an indicative bid under any other auspice?" Llewellyn, weighed his words and replied: "This is a commercial issue that is happening right at the moment with National Grid wanting to sell, and these are sensitive issues, I have to say.

Hydro has to be careful: "You would not expect the Hydro to foreshadow its situation in great detail that then could be picked up by other competitors, or National Grid itself, and so on".

Committee chair agrees: Committee chair, Dr David Crean, agreed: " … That is exactly right. What is a matter of public record is that National Grid have made that decision, it is their decision," he said.

Reference: Parliament of Tasmania, House of Assembly, Government Businesses Scrutiny Committee meeting, Tuesday 6 March 2007. This document is available at http://www.parliament.tas.gov.au/hansard

Erisk Net, 16/3/2007

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