Tas gov caught with fingers in Gunn’s pie

During the Tasmanian House of Assembly (12/6/07), Nicholas McKim, Member for Franklin of the Greens, said that this year’s State Budget looked very much like groundhog day.

Pulp mill a sham: Not only does it appear as if, once again, Treasury has overestimated the economic growth underpinning this year’s Budget but it has also factored the pulp mill into that growth target. The pulp mill has not been approved yet. McKim said the Parliament has set up a sham process which was almost certain to result in approval for this pulp mill. The reason it was so certain was that the mill would not be required to meet any guidelines, not a single one, in order to be approved by this Parliament. Not only was the process a sham but recently the Premier’s fingerprints were all over Gunns’ decision to withdraw from the RPDC assessment, even to the extent that the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet requested that the RPDC not let Gunns know that their supplementary information was deficient in major ways.

Govt with fingers in Gunns’ pie: The Premier and his department have their fingerprints all over Gunns’ decision to withdraw from the independent RPDC assessment and there was now a situation where, prior to the required approvals occurring in relation to the pulp mill, the Government decided to include the so-called economic benefits of the mill into the growth prediction which underpinned this State Budget.

Reference: Nicholas McKim – Tasmanian Greens, Member of the House of Assembly, Tasmania, 12 June 2007

Erisk Net, 12/6/2007

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