Tanks a cheaper solution

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Time for once a week baths and just a "freshen up" every other day. we need a combination of strategies to ensure in 50 years our grandchildren aren’t in the same predicament. poor children of today can’t play under sprinklers or collect things from the dump.

Posted by: Lizzie mcpoc of brissy 8:38am today

Certainly something to aim for Rich but I don’t think too many people would want to leave their comfortable coastal areas.However,if the situation became so drastic that living conditions, standard of living and great loss of income occurred the situation would certainly change.

Posted by: macca of brisbane 5:05pm April 26, 2007

Tanks are not the answer. They could be part of a parcel of measure, but the only way to ensure a supply for the furure is a better dam infrastructure and a water grid. To say tanks are the answer could be compared with one other suggestion of doing away with water closets and bringing back thunder boxes…but that would devastate the the timber cvresource by requiring more saw dust. NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY !!!!

Posted by: Jeremy Bentham of Brisbane 1:53pm April 26, 2007

Macca, why don’t we try living where the water is instead of bringing it to us? No jobs there? They why are we setting up new industry here instead of in areas where the water is plentiful?

Posted by: Rich of Logan 9:29am April 26, 2007

Of course water tanks are the solution.It’s too much common sense and not enough public funds for the fatcats to dive into to be bothered with.Rudds wife has probably already lined up the contractors for the dams. But whats the big rush anyway? Don’t you’s all want every square inch of the southeast covered in foreigners, cement and bitumen from the border to bundaberg.Think of the big traffic jam we could have then. You’s are just all jealous.Can’t you get on the public funds bandwagon with some big idea and push to go with it?

Posted by: Jim of Bribie 7:28pm April 25, 2007

Water infrastructure doesn’t just appear overnight Ben, it’s an expensive and time-consuming process and one that arguably should have begun decades ago. But now it is critical to seek solutions at a variety of levels, and water tanks are an important step in ensuring that we have adequate water before and during the construction of any new water infrastructure. If every new and existing house in SEQ was to invest in a well-configured water tank system, our small amounts of rain could be of great use, if only to give government officials more time to come up with suitable long-term solutions rather than expensive knee-jerk reactions.

Posted by: Katherine of Brisbane 1:01am April 25, 2007

Water tanks offer no solution as the increasing population will/has obviously overtaken the token addition that would bring. A complete immigration halt is required as an emergency measure as we are currently adding another million users every 5 years. Even the article only suggests it will extend the day of reckoning another 10 years. Stop immigration or be doomed. And forget the economic growth argument because economic growth will go into permanent reverse when there’s insufficient water to go around.

Posted by: Ben of World’s Driest Continent 1:32pm April 24, 2007

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