Sweden aims to halve emissions in ten years

Sweden will aim to get nearly half its energy from renewable sources by 2020 as part of an EU-wide plan, says Energy and Enterprise Minister Maud Olofsson.

Olofsson said in Washington that Sweden had been tasked with increasing its share of renewable energy to 49 per cent from a current 40 per cent as part of binding targets set by the European Union.

"This would be the highest share in the world," Olofsson said in the text of a speech.

"Today Sweden has an almost fossil-free energy system – except for the transportation sector.

"Renewable energy makes up 40 per cent of our energy consumption. Oil’s share of energy supply is less than a third and it will continue to decrease."

The EU plan calls for a 30 per cent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 within an international framework.

An official for Olofsson’s department said work had started to prepare national legislation for Sweden as part of this drive.

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