Support Sayed, beaten in the line of duty

14 February, 2018 Debra Weddall0
Uber driver Sayed
Uber driver, Sayed. Badly beaten for his phone and wallet.

Sayed is a fellow driver who answered a job request in Brighton on a Wednesday night at 2am. He was forced from his car at knifepoint, badly beaten, then left to die on the road. His car and phone were stolen. There was nothing he could do to stop this violence or save his belongings. This could happen to any rideshare driver.

Now Sayed has broken bones and an injured back. He says he feels like a disabled person. He definitely can’t drive and, like the rest of us, he has noinsurance cover or sick pay that will cover being beaten up by a rider.

After initially stating that they are not responsible for such an occurrence (even though the request came through their system), Uber thanked Sayed for remaining professional throughout the beating. Since Channel 7 news exposed their lack of support, however, Uber have offered Sayed a small sum, not enough even to cover his ambulance bill.

So drivers and riders and the general public are coming together to provide a fund for Sayed that will help with medical bills and support him while he is unable to work.

Please support those in our community who are employed without safeguards. Let’s show that we live by higher standards than the unscrupulous employers who act like we really are replaceable ants. We are better than them.

Please give generously to the fund for Sayed.

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