Stop CSG in our water catchments

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Stop CSG in our water catchments


Holly, Land Water Future <>

5:56 PM (1 hour ago)

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Right now the NSW government is deciding whether to renew AGL’s massive coal seam gas exploration licence over our drinking water catchments, but we don’t get a say. Let’s change that.

Neville —

Thanks to the tireless efforts of communities across NSW, the area of our state covered by coal seam gas licences has dramatically decreased in the last year. But there are still areas where coal seam gas remains a very active threat — including over our drinking water catchments.

Did you know even when CSG licences expire, they remain active until they are either withdrawn by the company or renewed or cancelled by the government? Right now the NSW government is in the process of deciding whether to renew expired coal seam gas licences. But we don’t get to have a say, and we want that to change.One of the coal seam gas licences up for renewal is the controversial PEL 2 held by AGL. PEL 2 is massive. It stretches from the Southern Highlands and the Illawarra in the south, across south west suburban Sydney, and then extends north to the Central Coast. We’ve created a timeline with everything you need to know about PEL 2, take a look.

AGL’s PEL 2 CSG licence covers Warragamba Dam, Avon Dam, Nepean Dam, Wingecarribee Reservoir, Fitzroy Falls Reservoir, Cordeaux Dam, Cataract Dam, Woronora Dam, and Mangrove Creek Dam — these water catchments provide drinking water to millions of people

The government is currently waiting to hear from AGL about why PEL 2 should be renewed. But it forgot to ask us what we think.

Tell Resources Minister Anthony Roberts you’d like to have a say about this coal seam gas renewal.

Let’s show everyone how unfair the coal seam gas renewal process currently is. AGL gets a say and we don’t. That’s just not on. Please forward this email to your networks and share the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

Holly and the Land, Water, Future team

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