Stonewall silence on transport disability amenities.

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Stonewall silence

Pauline David via
12:28 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

This has been an incredible fortnight. Sharing my story about how hard it is for people in wheelchairs to get around Sydney’s public transport wasn’t easy – but finally, we’re getting the issue into the media spotlight.

Since starting my petition challenging the Transport Minister to spend just one day travelling like many of us have to — nearly 20,000 of you have added your name to the petition at Thank you – and thank you for your comments and kind words of support.

But still there’s been stonewall silence from the Minister. It just seems there’s excuse after excuse instead — and more and more delays for better public transport access for people with disability.

I think if Minister Gladys Berejiklian takes on this challenge, she’ll begin to see that there is so much more she needs to do if she really is “passionate about improving access” – as she says she is.

Can you help increase pressure on the Minister to take our challenge by forwarding on this email to friends and family and asking them to sign too?

They can sign the petition just by going to — or you can share it on Facebook by clicking here.

Thanks for all your help,


P.S. If you missed it, you can see the Daily Telegraph story that started me on this journey by clicking here.

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