SPA: Newsletter, Issue 115, April 2014

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SPA: Newsletter, Issue 115, April 2014


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Dear members and supporters of Sustainable Population Australia
Please find attached the latest newsletter (no. 115, April, 2014) which is also available online at
In this issue you will find:
  • a front page story about Camilo Mora’s critical paper in Ecology and Society
  • a speech by Paul Ehrlich
  • an explanation from Martin Tye as to why he set up Population Growth Slow Down (PGSD)
  • an Opinion article by SPA member Keith Lethbridge
  • the latest research commissioned by the UK’s Population Matters
  • book reviews of Guy McPherson’s Going Dark and Andrew Glikson’s Evolution of the atmosphere, fire and the anthropocene climate event horizon
  • population news
  • SPA news
  • notice of our upcoming AGM on 5 April plus symposium and dinner.
All the best

Jenny Goldie
Newsletter editor

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