Solar panels become chic


"We’ve been selling solar power systems since 2001," said Barry Cinnamon, CEO of Akeena Solar, Inc. "We know what consumers want: great aesthetics and superior reliability, and we’ve designed a system that meets these requirements. We’re calling this new system Andalay – and it’s the best looking system available on the market. Gone are the days when solar panels had to have a somewhat industrial look on a home."

Andalay is the latest, state-of-the-art solar panel technology, combining built-in reliability with outstanding aesthetics. Unlike ordinary solar panels, Andalay panels are all-black and when installed actually look like a skylight on a home. Andalay features built-in wiring, built-in grounding and built-in racking so the panels attach directly to the roof offering a smooth, flush appearance. And the installation has been so streamlined – using 70 percent fewer parts and 25 percent fewer attachment points – a system for a small house can now be installed in under an hour on the roof.

Unparalleled Reliability

"Andalay is truly revolutionary. The panels look better, are more reliable, offer superior performance and bring solar to its rightful place at the forefront of alternative energy technologies," said Cinnamon. "We are excited to bring a product that answers the concerns of consumers with an efficient – and sexy – solution. It is simple, consumers feel good, homes look great and the environment gets better."

Additionally, the economics make sense. With states offering rebates and tax credits, payback on a system is getting shorter and shorter. In California, a system would ordinarily cost $25,000, but with the state’s rebates and tax credit the cost would be reduced to about $17,000. A solar power system can save about $100 of electricity every month, payback is in about eight years, and customers get a locked-in electric rate of 12 cents per kwh for the 30+ year life of the system.

Andalay solar panels were launched and showcased at a reception prior to Solar Power 2007, the premier solar event in the United States on September 24, 2007 in Long Beach, CA. The panels will be available to consumers in major U.S. solar markets (including California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Hawaii).

Andalay offers the following features:

  • Mounts closer to roof with less space between panels
  • All black appearance with no unsightly racks underneath or besides panels
  • Built-in wiring connections – no dangling wires to damage over time
  • 70% fewer roof-assembled parts and 50% less labor
  • 25% fewer roof attachment points (fewer roof penetrations), fewer points of failure, flashed roof attachments (no leaks), less rooftop weight, sturdy against heating/cooling cycles
  • Full compliance with National Electric Code and UL 1703 wiring and grounding requirements


Specifications and pictures of the Andalay system are available at

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