Snowy electricity running out of water


No inflows will see a further fall of 1.5m by June: In addition, it is possible but not yet probable, Lake Jindabyne will drop up to a further 1.5m below MOL to around RL 894.6 metres by late June / early July 2007. The likelihood of Lake Jindabyne going 1.5m below MOL increases if there is no significant inflows from rainfall and noting that environmental flows into the Snowy River are assumed to continue.

Probability of extra foreshore exposure: As the Lake levels drop, substantial extra foreshore was likely to be exposed, probably in excess of 5 metres if the Lake reached 1.5m below MOL.

Need to balance usage, conservation: "With no forecast improvement to water inflows in the foreseeable future Snowy Hydro must act prudently to ensure that the water remaining in the Snowy Scheme was used in a balanced way for all stakeholders and that water was conserved for the coming winter and next summer".

Eucumbene levels set to fall 0.5m by April end: In order to meet the needs of all Snowy water stakeholders including environmental releases and if the current drought conditions continued, then it was likely that by end of April 2007, Lake Eucumbene water levels will drop 0.5m to around RL 1122.0 metres.

Continued drought may see 5.5m fall in lake levels: In addition, should the severe drought conditions and low inflow pattern continue, it was possible but not yet probable, Lake Eucumbene would drop up to a further 5.5m to around Minimum Operating Level (MOL) at RL 1116.5 metres by late July / early August 2007.

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