Sisters of the planet project promotes climate action

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From Oxfam

We are all feeling the effects of climate change. Whether it’s reduced rainfall in Australia and Uganda, increasingly severe cyclones in Bangladesh, or sea level rise and storm surges in the Pacific.

Climate change affects women the most – particularly those living in developing countries. But these women are fighting back, often leading the response to the climate crisis in their communities.

Join Oxfam Australia and Make Poverty History as we launch Sisters on the Planet in support of these remarkable women.

Sisters on the Planet tells the stories of six women from very different parts of the world. They face unique challenges but together are finding solutions and bringing about change. These stories of courage, tenacity and inspiration offer us hope in the face of increasingly bleak climate predictions.

The challenges we face from climate change are so big, you could be forgiven for not knowing quite where to start.

Until now.

Watch the Sisters on video

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