Scores of guns stolen from NSW homes

According to talkback radio this morning , guns can be purchased over the internet. Registered rural owners and gun club members go to  extraordinary lengths to safely store their guns. Yet we are still seeing weapons being stolen. After the amnesty following the Port Phillip massacre many guns were handed in and destroyed. Now we are back to square one with possession of guns.

Scores of guns stolen from NSW homes

By police reporter Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop, ABCUpdated June 1, 2012, 9:37 am

There are calls for stricter controls on weapons in homes after a wave of gun thefts across New South Wales.

In just over a fortnight, at least 50 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been stolen from registered gun owners across the state.

In some cases, entire gun safes have been taken.

All firearms used by permit holders in the state must be registered with the Commissioner of Police, but police insist the information is secure.

The Commander of the Firearms and Organised Crime Squad, Ken Finch, says there is no evidence the registry has been compromised.

“I’m quite confident that the processes and systems that are in place at the firearms registry are robust and their audit systems are transparent,” he said.

Detective Superintendent Finch, says the robbers knew what they were looking for.

“In these cases there have been a number of thefts from rural areas,” he said.

“Very often in rural areas, the local population know who own guns within communities and very often, people who have multiple firearms are in fact members of gun clubs.

“So the fact is, information about who actually possesses firearms in communities can come from a variety of sources.”

The Greens’ David Shoebridge is calling for urgent laws to limit the number of weapons people can own.

“While there are private arsenals around New South Wales, criminals will target that,” he said.

“The average number of guns per licence owner is now five. That’s a honey pot that criminals are targeting.”

The Opposition leader John Robertson says the thefts are fuelling Sydney’s wave of shootings.

“While we continue to see illegal firearms on the streets and our police numbers down, people in western and south-western Sydney are being failed by this Government,” he said.

The state’s Police Minister is holding talks with the Federal Government and counterparts across the country to try to nationalise gun laws

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