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Running scared…


Michael O’Connor

1:50 PM (36 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Inga,
Tony Abbott and Andrew Robb are running scared. They know Australians are concerned about the China Australia Free Trade Agreement and so they’re going to roll out a giant nationwide advertising campaign in an attempt to sell the dud deal to people across the country.

But they can’t dispute the facts. Under the agreement, overseas workers could be paid less than Australians. When I said this on ABC Radio I was FactChecked by The Conversation, and they agreed 100%. Why would a company hire a local worker when they could instead get access to cheap temporary overseas labour?

That’s why we want to send a message to Canning voters to help us stand up and speak out for jobs. We’ve hired some mobile billboards and we want to put a banner on them highlighting the indisputable facts.

Mobile Billboard

Can you donate and help us spread the message to Canning voters?

Free trade can help economies like Australia with investment and innovation. But this free trade agreement is historic for all the wrong reasons. It will hurt local jobs, threaten worker safety, and increase the exploitation of overseas workers.

Please donate and help spread the message to Canning voters that the China Australia Free Trade Agreement will hurt local jobs and our kids’ future.

Together we can Stand Up, Speak Out, and Fight Back.

In unity

Michael O’Connor
CFMEU National Secretary

P.S. Thanks to everyone who donated to get our ad on The Voice – we were able to show it on the finale where more than one and a half million people tuned in.

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