Rudd’s on the nose


Daily Telegraph

Simon Benson: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd losing support in western Sydney

The chance of Australia going to an early election has lessened, with internal Labor research exposing a negative shift in mood toward Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in key marginal seats in Sydney’s west.

The Australian

Matthew Franklin: Rudd and states set for battle on health

Kevin Rudd is headed for a confrontation with the states as he seeks to boost his flagging political stocks by taking federal control of health and hospital funding and launching local management.

Editorial: Be wary of centralising health

Remote as it is from the people and geared to policy development, the Canberra bureaucracy is not adroit at service delivery.

Paul Kelly: Rudd’s deeds need to be as bold as his ambitions

There is a confusion about this government’s character, its convictions and its beliefs. If insiders are unsure about this, the public can hardly be expected to know.

The Age

Shaun Carney: PM’s mea culpa: fact or fiction?

In a sign of the poor condition of political dialogue and the lack of faith within the community about our politicians in contemporary Australia, Rudd’s introspections and apologies have been met with perplexity.

The Punch

Brendan Brown: All ready to go to the election with no-one to vote for

But Labor has been more disappointing in recent years than this summer’s One Day cricket.

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