Request from Norway and Response (Dr James Hansen)

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  1. Request from Norway and Response

Request received (from Norway, regarding e-mail titled “Grandparents Oppose Tar Sands”):

Thanks.  I have seen them in the news here in Norway as well about the Tar Sands.

Question:  When you send us these emails, can you include some sort of picture with each article, paper, etc. so that it is more eye-catching on Facebook when I repost it?

I am able to share a lot of information with my students and colleagues with Facebook.   I also share information from friends & news-media in my classes that are shared on Facebook.    One of the curses & benefits of modern communication.  Thanks again.

Response: below is a note and photo received from one of the grandparents:

I am enclosing a photo from today’s presentation by Norwegian Grandparents Climate Campaign – GCC to Statoil main office in Oslo of letter signed by 28 organizations and political parties demanding that Statoil withdraw from Canadian tar sand. Grandparent Bente Bakke was joined by Anne Dalberg, chair of the Sami Church Council.  Norway’s First Nation – the Sami -showing solidarity with Canadian First Nations. Money may rule, but morals may be stronger!

~Jim Hansen

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