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Daily update: Abbott’s emissions bluff steering Australia into $100bn carbon hole


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Abbott steering Australia into $100bn carbon hole; Networks fret over threat of mass defections; Greens target Vic’s dirtiest coal plants; CEC gives concessions in hope of sealing RET deal by Xmas; Macquarie fund takes stake in China’s Jinko Solar; Carbon times are changing, are utilities keeping up?; New life for artificial leaf?; UNSW solar engineer marries under 7.5kw pergola; Netherlands wind farm to power new Google data centre; Purple wind turbines; and are Australian and US emissions targets the same?
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UN takes aim at Australia for veering off carbon targets after dumping carbon price. Meanwhile, it releases updated global carbon budget, as more research suggests that Australia will head for $100 billion carbon hole if it is to use Direct Action to match international efforts.
Networks push case for tariff changes, arguing that houses with rooftop solar getting generous “cross subsidies” from non solar users, and suggesting that cost of going off-grid is more than 5 times the cost of staying. But what if they are wrong?
Victorian Greens pledge to shut down Victoria’s dirtiest coal power plants as soon as next year, if they win the balance of power in next week’s election.
CEC cuts deal with aluminium industry in hope of policy certainty by Xmas. And Ross Garnaut says renewables – not coal – key to Australia’s prosperity.
Macquarie Group infrastructure fund joins two others to take major stake in project development business of leading Chinese solar module maker JinkoSolar.
How are Australia’s big electricity utilities’ reacting to an increasingly carbon constrained economy? Confusing picture or rational response?
Research from around the world is bringing artificial photosynthesis – the conversion of sunlight into fuel rather than electricity – closer to reality.
A UNSW graduate solar engineer has used her father’s 15 metre long PV installation as pergola in her country Victoria wedding.
Google signs deal to power its Netherlands data centre with 100% renewables, including complete output of local wind farm currently under construction.
Research finds coloured wind turbines, as opposed to white or grey, would prevent wildlife injuries and death. We can already hear the anti-wind cries…
A true ‘apples to apples’ comparison of Australia’s emissions target and that just announced by the US doesn’t quite reflect the Coalition’s claims.

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