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Reef: let’s get talking

2:28 PM (2 hours ago)

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You know our Reef’s in trouble. Thousands of other GetUp members, marine biologists and tourism operators know it too.

But you know who may not have any idea? The millions of Australians who get their news from talkback radio.

Let’s create a media storm those in power won’t be able to ignore, as we count down to a major decision about the future of the Reef. Click below to phone in a friendly call to your local talkback radio station – you’ll find all the info and details you need to get started.

This Friday, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority must make their final decision on whether to approve the proposal to dump three million cubic metres of dredged seabed into Reef waters, creating a path for giant ships to traffic yet more coal out of Australia.

The Reef Authority has been fielding tens of thousands of calls, emails and social media complaints from Australians concerned that instead of protecting the Reef, they’re about to let big mining inflict serious damage for short-term profits.

But despite the controversy the project has created, far too many Australians still have little idea what’s going on, and probably won’t know until it’s too late.

We’ve already shown the Reef Authority how we feel with an amazing campaigning effort. We’ve marched, we’ve called, we’ve run ads, we’ve emailed. We’ve done everything we can, now it’s time to bring the rest of Australia on board. Click here to get started.

Talkback radio is a powerful political forum – providing live, saturated coverage of the issues of the moment. In metropolitan markets, hosts are highly-paid celebrities whose shows are syndicated to millions of people. In regional areas, they hold huge local influence, particularly with an audience of voters that are hard to reach in other ways. Talkback hosts have the power to get Ministers and Prime Ministers on the phone or into the studio for answers.

So in the final moments we have to influence this decision, we want to ignite conversations on talkback stations nationwide. You don’t have to be an expert to phone in, and you’ll find everything you need on the page.

Let’s show decision-makers they’ll have all of Australia to answer to if they make a bad call for our Reef.

Thanks for speaking up,
The GetUp team

PS: We know the Marine Park Authority are under enormous pressure. Environment Minister, Greg Hunt wants this project approved. So does Gina Rinehart, and Indian mining company Adani – both of whom expect to profit handsomely from creating the largest coal port in the world just 50 kms north of the Whitsundays. But millions of us don’t want our Reef damaged. Click here to get Australia talking.

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