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Dear friends,
Last week, Rolling Stone magazine published a piece of mine that I think may be the most important writing I’ve done since The End of Nature, way back in 1989. (And no, it’s not the profile of Justin Bieber.)
Warning: it’s pretty long, and it’s not entirely cheerful. Indeed, it shows that the business plans of the fossil fuel industry will wreck the planet — that they’ve already got enough carbon in their reserves to drive the heat past anyone’s definition of okay.
Okay I read Bill McKibben’s “Global Warnings Terrifying New Math” report in Rolling Stone.  Interesting and possible fruitful line of attack, but not all that convincing.   Especially as Bill does not cite his sources, nor even broach the contradiction between his statement that 2C limit is till possible to be UNDER versus other scientific reports that current CO2 levels NOW in the atmosphere mean we are already well past such pleasant mirages.

Found an earlier version by Bill McKibben published back at the beginning year in Grist as 
“The great carbon bubble: Why the fossil-fuel industry fights so hard”

But checkout http://www.declineoftheempire.com/2012/02/do-the-facts-matter-anymore-or-not.html
Do The Facts Matter Anymore? Or Not?
Where the writer shows how Bill McKibben (and his editors) screwed up his sources maths! 

The other problem as  Lenz Blog shows (by way of his sci-fi fiction) is how  Bill McKibben has a poor understanding of business dynamics. ;-
“… it was very easy for the fossil fuel industry to make oil (and other fossil fuels) much more expensive. All they needed to do was reduce their drilling activities by a large factor, leaving more of the precious stuff in the ground for future generations. The increase in prices sent the value of their mining rights up in the stratosphere…
http://k.lenz.name/LB/ http://k.lenz.name/LB/?p=7256

Interesting ah?  W.Shawn Gray


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