Pressure Mounting: Liberal MP demands Turnbull acts on super trawlers

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Pressure Mounting: Liberal MP demands Turnbull acts on super trawlers


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Hi Neville
The pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Turnbull to ban factory trawlers. Liberal MP Sarah Henderson is so passionate about the issue that she is organising a rally in Torquay to ban the Geelong Star this weekend.

Things are starting to move – let’s turn the heat up!

If you live near Torquay, go along to the rally at 11am Sunday 25th October at Fisherman’s Beach in Torquay. It’s great news that a Liberal MP is taking such a strong stand to protect our oceans and our fisheries for our kids.

If you don’t live nearby, help turn the heat up on the Turnbull Government by clicking here to sign the petition to the Prime Minister and share it with 5 friends.

We really need the Federal Government to know that ALL factory freezer trawlers need to be banned from our Small Pelagic Fishery, if we are to secure the future of our fisheries and unique marine life. The Geelong Star is the 3rd monster factory freezer trawler to attempt to enter Australia’s small pelagic fishery – but it is the only one that has managed to scrape through. Let’s put a stop to the industrial trawlers once and for all.

So, if you can get along to the rally, take a sign and tell Sarah, the media and others, that we need to Stop ALL Factory Trawlers – Not In Our Backyard – Not Now, Not Ever.

And if you want to see the back of industrial factory trawlers for good, please sign the petition to Prime Minister Turnbull here and share it with 5 friends to turn the heat up. 

Thanks for all that you do to protect our oceans!

Bec and the Stop the Trawler Crew

ps. Our Alliance is non-partisan – that means we don’t care what party the politicians are from – Liberal, Labor, Greens, or others – we care if they will stop factory freezer trawlers from decimating our fisheries and killing protected marine life. So, please show support to politicians of any flavour that will take action to protect our oceans and send a strong message to Prime Minister Turnbull that we need his leadership to stop the super trawlers!

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