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A record population increase? It’s OK, Britain can cope
The Guardian
Matt Cavanagh: The population increase revealed by the census will pressure services. But numbers can create a false image of overcrowding.
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The Guardian
Sloppy reporting on Minneapolis, St. Paul population growth
MinnPost.com (blog)
As anyone who follows me knows, I love Minneapolis and central cities in general. I still curse like a sailor every time I get lost driving the kids to the pediatrician near Eden Prairie Center. (Wife’s deal; ask her.)That said, this week’s reports on 
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Metro Population Growth Shifts From ‘Burbs to Urban Core
Twin Cities Business Magazine (blog)
Suburbs have historically led the seven-county metro area’s population growth, but the trend reversed last year with Minneapolis and St. Paul achieving significant gains. After…
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Population growth and climate change: no clear link
Hindustan Times (blog)
And that neatly links up to a view that I heard from some key delegates – that the rate ofpopulation growth in developing countries must be ‘stabilised’ because it is adding to carbon emissions and climate change. A leading civil society figure from 
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Has the Census revealed ‘record’ population growth?
Full Fact
The Financial Times and the Guardian both reported yesterday that “the populationof England and Wales grew over the past decade at its fastest rate in 100 years.” Meanwhile the Independent and the BBC were among those to point out that the release of 
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Full Fact
Census reveals population growth
The Star
ALL areas of South Yorkshire experienced a rise in population over the last decade, the Office of National Statistics has revealed.
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Large population increase in Boston revealed by Census highlights need for 
This is Lincolnshire
THE need to secure a better deal for the Boston area in future spending plans has been highlighted by official census figures, says the town’s MP.Figures released this week from the 2011 census show…
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Twin Cities cores enjoy population growth
According to new numbers, the cores of Minnesota’s big cities have begun to grow again. At MPR, Sasha Aslainian writes: “The Metropolitan Council is out with new population estimates for 2011 and the core cities were the winners.
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Rising working population in Ghaziabad catalyse growth of tiffin and catering 
Economic Times
Cafeterias without in-house kitchens in most corporate premises helped tiffin providers grow in region.
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Hopkins Grows Modestly From 2010 to 2011
Minneapolis led the metro in population increases, which Met Council Demographer Todd Graham attributed to new multi-family housing. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul, which had the second-mostgrowth, had increased apartment occupancy rates. Together 
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