Police Back Down on Greens Climate-Saver Event In APEC Security Zone

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The event is to be a media conference with a group of Greens members
dressed to resemble lifesavers as a colourful backdrop. The media will
be addressed by Senator Kerry Nettle who will be calling on APEC leaders
to be “climate-savers” by taking urgent action to address climate
change, which threatens the future of millions of people throughout the
Asia-Pacific region.

“Like any citizen I find it disturbing to have formal written threats
made against me by the NSW Police to the effect that they intend to
commence immediate, and potentially costly, proceedings against me in
the Supreme Court,” Ms Hale said.

“The issue that we are addressing in the media conference, the urgent
need to take serious action about climate change, is a matter of great
concern to many Australians.”

“I confirmed with Police that Martin Place is to remain open to the
public before I submitted my notice of intention. If it is open to the
public it should be open for a media conference and some street

“I believe that the Police were trying to act beyond the powers they
were given by the parliament in trying to ban political activity in
Martin Place. It is important to maintain the right to express a
political opinion in a public place,” said Ms Hale.

To quote Commissioner Scipione from yesterday “this is a victory
for common sense.””

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