Pathways to a low carbon future – We can do it!

The evening will focus on strategies for achieving change at a community level, overcoming regulatory obstacles and the challenges we face as we make the transition to a sustainable lifestyle. As Tim Winton put it recently on The Generator, “We have had the technology to reduce our footprint for some time. Most of the challenges are human.”

The evening will include musical interludes, snippets of new and well respected films as well as presentations from the main speakers. The evening will finish with questions from the audience and a call for community action from the audience.

Introduced by Byron Shire Mayor Jan Barham, the speakers are well known in their fields and popular speakers.

Tim Winton has built The Permaforest Trust as a not-for-profit education centre and demonstration farm in Barkers Vale in the Tweed Valley. He is well known as a speaker on Permaculture, Peak Oil and transitional lifestyles.

Dr Sally MacKinnon is a director of the Ethos Foundation, founder of the Gondwana Centre and deeply involved in the Australian water, energy and sustainable development industries.

Giovanni Ebono is founder and producer of the popular radio show, The Generator, author of Sydney’s Guide to Saving the Planet and editor of Sustainable Living for Dummies.


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