69 – Power tools

Geoff Ebbs /6 January, 2021

Chain saws, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners consume energy, make noise but do the job. Use them sparingly, preferring manual tools instead. When you really need them, get them from a tool library. Check out the 2006 article on The Generator Appliances to make our morning coffee or warm our feet before bed Continue Reading →

Professor Alice Payne: Design researcher

Geoff Ebbs /4 January, 2021

Associate Professor in Fashion at the School of Design at QUT, Prof. Payne writes and researches about innovation that reduces waste in fashion. “The main problem is that fashion has encouraged us to consume so much. In earlier times, fabric was considered valuable and every scrap, literally, was treasured. “There are different approachesthat address this: Continue Reading →

Radio ad nears completion

Geoff Ebbs /3 January, 2021

The Your Life Your Planet book will be launched md-February. Media should start rolling out in two weeks. Stay tuned for information about pre-sales on on-air dates. Here’s a sneak preview of a 30second radio spot.

Applying self-care

Geoff Ebbs /14 December, 2020

Leigh-Chantelle is an international speaker, consultant and published author who reflects on the world’s common challenges, and combines this with giving tips and tricks on how as a society we can solve them. She encourages others to take charge to enact the changes our world so desperately needs. Find out more at her website. “Veganism Continue Reading →

Working the ‘pile’

Geoff Ebbs /24 November, 2020

Tenfingerz and Famous Artist Sebastian Berto recently launched anonline magazine, FastFashun.com, showcasing their FastFashun events, artists active in the space and a directory of responsiblefashion brands.