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Fire at Nuclear Plant Called Serious Threat
Wall Street Journal
By TENNILLE TRACY A fire last year at an idled Nebraska nuclear plant that broke out after workers ignored warning signs represented a high-level threat to the plant’s operations, federal regulators said Monday. The June 7 fire at the Fort Calhoun
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NRC: Nebraska nuclear plant fire was serious threat
Boston Globe
By Josh Funk | AP OMAHA – A fire that briefly knocked out the cooling system for used fuel at an idled Nebraska nuclear plant last June represented a serious safety threat, federal regulators said Monday. The Fort Calhoun plant north of Omaha was shut
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Nuclear power threat to the UK – as energy security handed over to the French
EcoFriend News
The French will only build new nuclear reactors in the UK if the financial risks involved are transferred from France to British households and businesses – leaving UK taxpayers to pick up the bill to protect the French nuclear industry.
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Putin slams US-Euro missile defence plans
ABC Online
Mr Putin has called the plan the biggest security threat facing his country. In response, Russia is pushing ahead with the deployment of a new generation of nuclear-capable short-range missiles in Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave surrounded by EU
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Zimbabwe Lifts Ban on Used Vehicles But Japanese Cars Face Threat Over
Voice of America
The minister also told the committee that the government will monitor vehicles being imported from Japan, fearing radioactive contamination following last year’s tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in that country.
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US Nuclear Chief Wants Faster Reforms
One year after the earthquake and tsunami that sparked Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis, countries around the world are still scrambling to avoid similar disasters on their soil. And according to the top American nuclear regulator, US plants
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