NSW debates feed in tarrifs for rooftop solar

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The the climatemovement.org.au website, people have been sending the following letter to government agencies and members of parliament.

I support the Nature Conservation Council of NSW’s submission for a strong, gross solar feed-in tariff that pays householders for all of the electricity they produce, not just for the surplus electricity that isn’t used and fed back into the grid.

I agree with the Nature Conservation Council’s recommendations for an effective Feed-in Tariff framework:

* The scheme should apply to the gross amount of energy generated, not the surplus exported to the electricity grid.

* The scheme should cover all renewable energy technologies, so that it provides an incentive for large-scale renewable power that can feed into our homes and businesses.

* The incentive should be available to businesses as well as households, helping small businesses and creating opportunities for large-scale renewable energy.

* Energy efficiency programs already announced by the government need to be fast-tracked, and an aggressive energy efficiency short-term target set, to shield electricity consumers against the small rise in the price of fossil-fuel electricity.

* The tariff should be two-tiered, with a lower final electricity tariff for low-income households. Low-income and disadvantaged households should be issued with a concession card exempting them from any price rises associated with the scheme.

* The NSW Government must underpin household investment in solar energy technology by guaranteeing the tariff for a minimum of 20 years.

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