NSW challenges Liberals call for nuclear power

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Time to restate opposition to nuclear plants: "We on this side of the House hope, as do the overwhelming number of people across New South Wales, that it was merely a display of politeness. If that were so then he should be honest and place his position and that of his party on the public record. He must restate the opposition of the New South Wales Liberal Party to nuclear power plants".

PM renewables moratorium endangers NSW: The other reason this matter was of such importance was that the Prime Minister has also sought to undermine the renewable energy sector in New South Wales by his response to the task group report on emissions trading. The industry was worth millions of dollars to the New South Wales economy, and thousands of jobs rely up on it. But the Prime Minister said he wanted a moratorium on renewable energy schemes. As recently as 4 June, Koperberg met with representatives of the renewable energy sector who said, inter alia, that New South Wales leads in this area and that a decision on a whole range of potential future energy sources must be decided urgently.

6pc of NSW power currently from renewables: A moratorium called for by the Prime Minister placed these schemes at risk, and was a big risk. New South Wales currently draws 6 per cent of its energy supply from renewable sources such as wind power, which was mandated to rise to 15 per cent by 2020. The Prime Minister would put this sensible and sustainable approach at risk because of his ideological response.

Reference: Philip Koperberg, Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water, Member for Blue Mountains, Legislative Assembly, New South Wales Parliament, 5 June 2007

Erisk Net, 21/6/2007

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